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Music streaming apps are a popular trend embraced by multiple people worldwide. They primarily focus on music and allow you to stream songs from a centralized service on your devices.


Fortunately, some are free of charge while others are subscription-based with affordable fees to access music on them.


However, choosing an outstanding app to download on your device is challenging. It is because of the many great options on the internet. So let us take you through the top ways to choose the best music streaming service.


1. Check Online Reviews


The top resources to guide you to excellent music streaming apps are online reviews. Comparison sites review different products and provide their findings free of charge. Read them to find information about the app features, including:


      Quality of music

      The pricing of its services

      Available music genres.


Remember to read both positive and negative reviews about the apps. It helps you to make a better judgment when choosing one. But choose a music streaming service with more positive reviews because it shows people liked the app.


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2. Consider Compatibility


Before downloading the streaming app on your device, check if it is compatible. The operating system of your tablet, smartphone, or desktop should support the music streaming app for better experiences. Good enough, most apps are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


Also, the best apps sync up with various home devices, like smart TVs, smart speakers, and Alexa. Fortunately, the apps are readily available for download in the safest places. You get them from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


3. Examine Data Usage


Choose a music streaming app safe for your data plan because some consume more than others. If you use cellular data and not WiFi, download only data-friendly apps.


For example, Spotify allows you to customize your music stream quality using its five quality settings, including:




      Very High



The quality you choose determines the amount of data the app consumes. Spotify’s Normal quality setting is fair in its data usage as it streams at 96 kbps. So it takes 23 hours of streaming to use up 1GB.


4. Consider the Pricing


Subscription-based music streaming apps are better than most free options at https://www.contactmusic.com/news/top-music-download-sites-that-are-completely-free-and-legal-to-use_6347344. They offer better services, such as high quality music and millions of songs.


However, check the pricing and choose an app with affordable plans. It is better to examine the monthly subscription fees of different streaming apps. Then identify one with services that fit your budget. Some, like Google Play Music and Tidal, have family plan pricing that is cheaper for multiple users.


5. Check the Music Catalog and Genres


The best music streaming apps have vast catalogs with over 20 million songs. This means you are likely to find any song you want. So before subscribing to any app, check its catalog to confirm its comprehensiveness.


On top of that, examine the music genres available on the app. It should have many of them, including:

      Country music

      Hip hop



      Classical music

      Electronic dance

      Soul music

      Heavy metal.


Subscribe to an app with the kind of music you enjoy. Best of all, most apps have filtering options for accessing only songs in a specific genre of your choice.


6. Quality of Music Stream


Choose a music streaming app with the best audio quality to improve your listening experiences. Some apps are better at this than others. For example, Apple provides its entire catalog at CD quality up to 256 kbps. Spotify also has 320 kbps as the high setting, as explained at https://support.spotify.com/us/article/audio-quality/.


High-resolution audio files provide superior sound quality good for your ears. Therefore, you should look for apps with them.


7. Consider Country Limitations


Some music streaming apps do not offer services in particular countries. So before subscribing to one, ensure you can access it in your location. Apps like Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal provide their services in many countries. They are accessible in Central, North, and South America, Europe, and parts of Asia.


But if you are an international listener, first check the geo-restrictions of the app. The same applies to travelers. You need to confirm whether the services will be available at your travel destination.


8. Embrace Free Trials


Many music streaming apps provide free trials on their services for a given time. Grab them to get free experiences on each app to help you identify one worth your subscription. For example, Apple Music offers a three-month trial period to all new subscribers.


If the services are satisfying in the free trial, you can pay for a subscription. But if they are not, check out other available apps. Best of all, you are free to cancel your plan at any time if you are not happy with the offers of any streaming app.


Choose the Best Music Streaming App


Don’t settle for any poor-quality music streaming app because there are several excellent options. They have improved features and affordable plans. All you have to do is to identify them with the help of the above tips.