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From the Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, music videos often make as big an impact as the song that’s in them.

A recent top 100 music videos compiled by Rolling Stone magazine started with Video Killed the Radio Star from 1981. This song by Trevor Horn’s band The Buggles was not only a big hit – but it was the very first video ever played on MTV.

MTV was the platform that boosted the art of the music video from a promotional extra, like a nice album cover, to a major part of any pop song’s success.

And many music fans like and remember videos as much as they appreciate the song that inspired it.

So which video did Rolling Stone pick as its number one of all time? It’s quite a surprise choice – and you’ll have to read to the end to find out.

Along the way the magazine’s music critics picked some of the all-time favourites 

Baby One More Time

Of course Rolling Stone, and every other list of top pop videos, includes Britney Spears ‘Baby One More Time’ of 1998. Remember that school corridor dancing?

There’s more to that video than you remember though. Did you know it was deliberately shot in the same school in Venice, California that was the location for the film Grease?

It has been voted one of the most influential music videos of all time and the song is ranked one of the best debut singles of all time too.

It was the last video to be ever played on the BBC’s Top of the Pops and also on MTV’s Total Request Live segment.

But what about music videos that feature cameos from famous sports stars? How many of those can you remember?


Michael Jackson’s video for Jam (1991) is one of the best known – for the appearance of basketball icon Michael Jordan.

The song became associated with the NBA star and even featured as the soundtrack for his team, the Chicago Bulls, 1992 championship video.

Jordan who was also known as keen poker player too appears as himself, playing basketball with Jackson in the video.

Mel Made Me Do It

Stormzy’s 2022 vdieo of his track Mel Made Me Do It featured an unlikely sporting hero: Jose Mourinho.

The famous soccer manager is known as an outspoken personality and has managed many top European sides including Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid. He is one of the most successful managers in the game and currently is in charge of AS Roma.

Mourinho appears dressed all in black and holding a finger up to his mouth while the soundtrack plays a quote of him saying “if I speak I am in big trouble”.

The track quickly racked up several million views on YouTube – not surprising when it also features former England footballer and TV pundit Ian Wright and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.


Tennis star Rafael Nadal goes a lot further in Shakira’s 2010 video that accompanied her song Gypsy.

It’s a fairly raunchy film. The Spanish ace plays Shakira’s love interest.

The pair start by holding hands and cuddle on the floor. Then Shakira whips Nadal’s top off and gives him a lap dance.


T2’s only hit was a biggie – it reached number two in 2007. The classic single is still played today – but did you know which sports stars featured in its video?

They are soccer stars Micah Richards, a stocky Manchester City defender now turned TV pundit, and Anton Ferdinand, a player for West Ham United who has campaigned against racism in sport.


Tennis star Serena Williams and singer Beyonce have been friends for years so perhaps it was no surprise when the sports celebrity appeared in a music video.

Beyonce asked Serena to appear in the music video for her 2016 track Sorry. The song was about strength and courage and the black-and-white video prominently features Serena dancing with Beyonce.

Show Me What you Got

This track by Jay Z in 2006 came with a video that had unlikely sports cameos. Two top NASCAR racing drivers were featured in the film.

The rapper rides in the car of top racer Dale Earnhardt Junior as they chase after rival female driver Danica Patrick. The music video is shot in the streets of Monaco, well known as a venue for an annual Grand Prix race.


You can spot sports cameos in all sorts of music videos but don’t expect them to appear in the biggest hits.

Rolling Stone’s number one music video doesn’t have any sports stars, although the song did feature during the 2016 Super Bowl.

Did you guess? It’s Beyonce’s ‘Formation’, which RS says marks her out as one of the most important artists of all time.