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For most musical acts, there is an event or a show that is the pinnacle of their career and the one that they dream of being able to headline. The Super Bowl halftime show has become one of those events in which many pine for an opportunity to do.

It is not hard to understand why so many want to do it. Despite the fact that artists are not paid by the NFL for performing, they will be able to advertise themselves in front of thousands in the stadium, while also being watched by hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

The halftime show has become an annual festival that so many that do not even like American football continue to pencil into their diaries and ear-mark, as they want to watch what the named performer does, and if they bring out any special unannounced guests to create an impactful and memorable show.

Who will perform at Super Bowl LVIII?

So many of the world’s biggest artists have performed on stage, with acts ranging from Beyonce to Lady Gaga, Prince to Michael Jackson, and so many more. Rihanna was the most recent to do one when she performed at Super Bowl LVII.

However, many are now speculating about who could potentially be set to perform at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 11 2024. The rumors have already started to spread like wildfire, with five acts having been ranked among the bookies' favorites as potentially headlining one of the biggest shows on earth!

Admittedly, regardless of who is performing, it will not stop the hundreds of millions watching. Many partake in viewing parties where family members and friends gather around the TV, while others will watch the upcoming Super Bowl and the NFL matches leading up to it online. They can watch sports online with Unibet, which has proven very beneficial to those who have added to their overall experiences by adding NFL wagers to build the excitement.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is everywhere at the moment and has continually been able to be a huge hit with whatever he does. He has been in the music charts consistently in recent years, which has led to many of the former One Direction star’s fans pushing his name forward as a potential contender.

He has not been vocal about his chances or public about any potential desire he may have to do it, but there is every possibility he could. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed he does not have a tour or event scheduled over that period, so perhaps he is leaving it open for a reason.

Taylor Swift

An ex of Styles, Taylor Swift is also rumored to be a potential Super Bowl halftime contender. She would be a popular choice for the NFL if they were looking to appeal to potentially new markets, as she has been on a hugely successful tour (The Eras Tour).

However, it is very unlikely that she will be in Las Vegas at the time of the game, as she is scheduled to be in Asia on tour. February 11 is still free, though, but it is unlikely she will go from Japan before completing a show in Singapore on March 2. Nonetheless, with a month off, she might just take up the opportunity.

Miley Cyrus

The Super Bowl LVIII favorite to perform is currently Miley Cyrus. She has had a huge year in terms of her music career, with her song ‘Flowers’ having been a worldwide hit and her album having also been successful.

There is nothing to suggest that she can’t do it if given the opportunity, but equally, she has not said anything about doing it, either.

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow might be a name that is a little left-field at the moment, but he is still deserving of an opportunity if given his way. He has managed to achieve a huge amount of growth with his music recently, and as he continues to climb the charts, he could be attractive to the NFL.

Many have noticed that he does not have anything scheduled in terms of tour dates for February, so he should be available if called upon.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is the final contender of the five main musical acts to be speculated about being a potential Super Bowl LVIII halftime performer. He, like many, does not have a tour scheduled for February.

He could be chosen as he continues to push boundaries in the music industry, and this could help to make the Super Bowl more diverse and attractive for fans globally.