Slot games are part of the modern world. The level of interest in them at online casino sites comfortably surpasses that of other games.

Despite that, slots are no new phenomenon, as they can be traced back to the 19th century and an inventor called Charles Frey. He came up with what is considered to be the first slot machine, which was called the Liberty Bell.

Ever since then, the simplicity and pleasure of playing slots has ensured continued success and they are bigger than ever in the digital age. That is due to impressive graphics and themes, with music-based slots being particularly popular.

Music is used in different ways depending on the game though. In this article we will look at the most common types of music for slot games and why they are chosen.

Themed Music

The first type of music found in online slot games is intended to enhance and underline the themes. In many cases, that means music that has been specially produced for the slot game and it is always appropriate for what the story behind the game is.

A good example of that in action is the music you will find in any slot machine online at Rainbow Riches Casino. The slots in the long-running and hugely popular Rainbow Riches series include Megaways, Crops of Cash and Cluster Magic as well as the original game that gave the casino site its name.

The basic theme of all of these games is a search for leprechaun gold in Ireland and the graphics depict lush green countryside, blue skies and rainbows. The music featured in the games is lilting, jaunty and distinctly Irish, being designed to make the players feel that little bit more like they are actually in the Emerald Isle while they play the game.

That is not the only example of this type of themed music though. For instance, if you play a slot game with a jungle storyline like Gonzo’s Quest, you will find similarly relevant music that has been composed especially for the game.

Rock Music

Slot games that are inspired by the big rock bands of the past and present are another very hot format in 2023. From Motorhead to Guns N Roses and Megadeth, most of the biggest hard rock bands in the world have their own online slot game.

A significant part of the appeal of these games for fans of the bands is that their music is featured as part of the play. Therefore slots that are based on actual rock bands and that use the tunes created by those bands to make the play more exciting are another really common way these games employ music.

It is often integrated into the gaming via clips of the bands playing the songs – either live or from their music videos. For some reason, rock and heavy metal bands seem to have a particularly high number of spin-off slots dedicated to them compared with other types and they are certainly very popular.

Dance Music

Online slots also often feature electronic dance tunes as their soundtracks. Unlike the ones that contain rock music, the dance ones are not usually based on particular artists, but instead pay homage to certain styles of music.

One example of that is the Disco Danny slot that is a tribute to the disco era of the 1970s and features music from that genre as part of its play. Here the music is about creating a sense of excitement – as disco and dance music are energetic musical styles – but also of feeding into curiosity and nostalgia for earlier eras.

DJ Wild, which deploys more recent trance electro tunes on the soundtrack, is another slot of this type.

Pop Music

There may not be as many slots based on top pop musicians as rock ones, but they do exist. Two examples are the Elvis Lives slot that features extensive use of Elvis Presley songs on its soundtrack and the official Michael Jackson online slot.

The latter also has 3d graphics of the King of Pop in action performing his biggest hits. Both Jackson fans and people who just love slots have embraced it.

Musical Stage Shows

Finally there are slots that are based on hit musical stage shows and that use the music from those shows as a soundtrack. One very popular example is the Phantom of the Opera slot that is inspired by the stage show from Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Alongside songs from this show, the slot makes use of atmospheric animation and graphics to recreate the feel of the original musical.

Music helps to make the themes of slot games work and sometimes it is the theme itself, but it always enhances the gaming.